A lot of places claim to sell “real” honey, but up to 90% of honey on store shelves is counterfeit and/or illegal, even though the labels say otherwise. We think that’s a bummer, so we started our bee yard to help bees, and to provide fresh, unheated, unpasteurized and real, local honey to our community. We also do not filter. The honey is only passed through a strainer to remove wax when processed. We harvest twice a year to ensure the bees have enough for their hives, and only take if the queen needs room for more laying.

We are a woman and veteran-owned apiary in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas, registered with the state. Our bees have beautiful Beaver Lake and Hobbs State Conservation Park at our back door to do their foraging. The bees are on our land, and we personally care for them and process the honey ourselves. For extra good vibes, our hives sit on top of quartz crystals we dug ourselves, and we practice the ancient custom ‘telling the bees’ everyday.

Some will ask us, “So, how’d you get that name?”

We’re Heather & Earl, and a lot of people think honey is bee vomit. (It’s not – but it IS from their second stomach.) Hearl is a pun on our “celebrity name.” And to, some people, what they may humorously call honey. We thought we’d have some fun with it.

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